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Achaemenid Egypt (525–402 BC and 343–332 BC), referring to two periods of Achaemenid rule punctuated by an interval of independence The history of Achaemenid Egypt is divided into two eras. The initial period of Achaemenid Persian occupation when Egypt (Old Persian: 𐎸𐎭𐎼𐎠𐎹 Mudrāya) became a satrapy, known today as the Twenty-seventh Dynasty of Egypt, was followed by an interval of independence. A second period of rule, again by the Achaemenids, is known as the Thirty-first Dynasty of Egypt. Satrapies[edit] Twenty-seventh Dynasty of Egypt (525 BCE−402 BCE) — also known as the First Egyptian Satrapy. Thirty-first Dynasty of Egypt (343 BCE−332 BCE) — also known as the Second Egyptian Satrapy.


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Secondary Sources

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